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Optimize Efficient Warehousing with Android

Within the past decade, warehouse automation has been a hot-topic when it comes to optimizing supply chains. With each new advancement in mobile computing and data capture, manual-based systems have become ever more unqualified to keep up with the on-demand market. Without automation’s efficient visibility, manual data-entry can lead to inaccuracy, bottlenecks, wasted resources, and decreased customer satisfaction. As a result, nearly 61% of large warehouses and distribution centers plan to implement partial or full systems of automation into their operations by 2024, further contributing to the competitive nature of today’s economy.

As e-commerce continues to disrupt the global market with new consumer expectations, warehouse technology must adapt to meet deadlines while accommodating a new generation of warehouse workers. With Windows 7 and Embedded Handheld 6.5 no longer supported, Android has emerged as the ideal operating system to enhance the modern warehouse. Partnering with automation leaders like Zebra Technologies, ISG Technologies closely investigates the hardware benefits of an Android-powered automation plan.

Boost Your Business with Technology of the Future
Boost Your Business with Technology of the Future, Accessible Today

In today’s supply chain, an inactive device may equate to an inactive worker, which ultimately slows down production. To keep operations running smoothly at all times, ISG specialists recommend minimizing confusion and wasted labor through Android’s intuitive platform. Whether it’s for new communication channels or ergonomic data capture, count on Android to deliver:

  • Faster Processing – Developed by software leaders nationwide, Android for Enterprise is designed to handle the heavy workflows your warehouse team expects.
  • Application Efficiency – Android devices house key Mobility DNA applications from partners like Zebra for maximized productivity and device management. Moreover, because of its open ecosystem, Android accommodates your unique applications for seamless app migration.
  • Device Versatility – To facilitate worker movement, these enterprise-grade handhelds consolidate disparate functionalities like cameras, 2D scanners and an easy form creator app into one Android device, increasing worker mobility and productivity since devices can enhance data capture and connectivity simultaneously. 
  • Reliable Security – Because it is no longer supported, Windows’ operating systems are no longer secure. On the other hand, enterprise-ready Android protects data with government-grade encryption and reliable security patches.

New technology brings new opportunities, while elevating your competitive edge. Explore new prospects when you contact us to select a device that best matches your workflow.

Written by Ben Cronin